About us

Location Marketing is a European-based consultancy firm offering a comprehensive range of services across a number of languages to those looking to target new international markets in search of foreign direct investment projects and trade opportunities.

Our clients include

  • National and local investment and trade promotion agencies
  • Government ministries
  • Local or regional government structures
  • Chambers of commerce
  • Individual companies

Territorial Marketing

What is it ?

Territorial marketing is about creating a marketing strategy for a place rather than a product. It can be used to attract economic investment, tourists or residents into a city or region.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Location Marketing manages the FBCCI delegation in Toulouse. Founded in 1873, the Franco-British Chamber is the oldest British Chamber of Commerce in Europe. The Toulouse delegation has been set up to help companies in the South-West of France to develop their activity in the UK, providing information and expertise and consultancy packages. We also work with British companies seeking to develop their business in the South-West of France.